Classroom Crush is a podcast hosted by Rebecca Bulnes about the heartbreaking, embarrassing, formative memories of childhood crushes. Every week Rebecca talks to an interesting guest about one of their most memorable crushes from elementary to high school, and also one of her own crushes because she needs to figure out when/why it all went wrong. Classroom Crush aims to laugh at the longings of youth and get real about how that one eighth grader probably messed you up. Whether it’s digging through old Facebook messages or analyzing mix CDs, Rebecca really wants to shed a light on the moments we try to forget.



Rebecca is a girl who is mostly trying to piece together why she’s still single. She’s obsessed with love and has decided it’s okay to never get over the past! She writes for The AV Club’s Podmass and has previously worked as a music journalist for Consequence of Sound and the Miami and Broward New Times. She lives in Chicago where she does improv comedy and is trying to learn how to properly flirt. She loves The Lost Boys, Sum 41, her mom, and is now realizing this might sound like an OkCupid profile. Woops!

You can follow her on Twitter at: @AlmondMilkHotel