A Brazen Lie with Hayes Davenport

Holy shit. It’s Hollywood Handbook’s HAYES DAVENPORT!! On REBECCA’S show!! This is a big deal for Rebecca because it’s her favorite podcast but she’s trying to remain chill. Did she pull it off? Find out! Hayes is taking us all the way back to kindergarten to discuss his blazer-wearing first love, ANNE, plus, stories about his college crush who became his friggen wife. What a dream. Rebecca is talking about an older guy she had a crush on in high school whose name had to be bleeped out because it stressed Hayes out a lot, which, yeah. They dig into Rebecca’s Almost Famous double life, read some truly embarrassing messages, talk crush trajectories, being Smart, making out to Bob’s Burgers, and so much more. We love this ep and we’re IN love with this ep.

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Rebecca Bulnes