The Don Quixote of Crushes with Griffin Newman

Yeah, that’s right. It’s Griffin friggen Newman. He’s one of #TheTwoFriends, he’s a Blank Check co-host, he’s starring in The Tick, and boy was he a loser in love. Just like Rebecca! This week, Rebecca has burdened Griffin with one of her most important crushes to date, BRENNAN. He really fucked her up and this episode is basically why she started this podcast. Griffin is talking about EMILY (second Emily of the show!) and the many questionable decisions made around his love for her. These are some straight up origin stories, and it’s a middle school ep so you KNOW it’s drama. Confessions, exiling, humiliation, cinematic scenes, gossip, evil boys, emotional scarring- this one's got it all. Ever wondered why Griffin and Rebecca are this way?? Find out!!

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Rebecca Bulnes