Should We Talk About This?? with Sam Fragoso

Here’s the thing: they talked about that. This week Rebecca is joined by Sam Fragoso (Talk Easy, so many things) for a very important/special/VULNERABLE ep that honestly feels like, was this a good idea? Hopefully! It’s juicy as hell. Rebecca is talking about one of her most integral and lasting crushes from high school, which she has decided to name AARON. Sam is telling her about his freshman year crush on a girl whose name might be MEGAN. These are truly formative stories that lead them to talk about their relationship with - wait for it - EACH OTHER?! There’s a lunchroom plan gone awry, multiple public humiliations, good and bad making out, heartbreaking realizations, and yeah, Rebecca confesses some things and Sam confronts them. If you don’t listen to this episode, it’s like why did she even put herself through all this?? Please listen to it. We promise it’s fun.

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Rebecca Bulnes