The Virginity One!! with Jamie Loftus

This week Rebecca is honestly honored to be sharing her story of getting taken to the bone zone for the first time with the hilarious goddess Jamie Loftus (The Bechdel Cast, Superdeluxe, Irrational Fears). In this final chapter of the Frog Fingers band trilogy, Rebecca is talking about hot dream boy JACK, and boy does it all go out with a bang (get it). Jamie is telling Rebecca all about HANDSOME DAN, the radio host crush who literally changed the course of her life?? Also ex boyfriend ANDREW who left her for the sax? Jamie simply provides too much content to summarize here. There’s dangerous hookups, going out of your way to see a crush, what NOT to say to someone when they just lost their virginity, bad flirting (?), getting fingered to french jazz, and so, so much more. Jamie and Rebecca make a lot of connections and it’s good.

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Rebecca Bulnes