Burnin’ to Yearn with Kevin T. Porter

It’s the last episode recorded in LA and we couldn’t think of a better way to close out this emotionally turbulent adventure!! This week, a very loopy and overtired Rebecca is joined by THE one and only Kevin T. Porter, of Gilmore Guys/Good Christian Fun/Maisel Goys fame! Kevin is telling Rebecca all about his middle school crush KIKI (an avid Clay Aiken fan) and Rebecca is telling him the story of her high school crush on Australian Tumblr boy named MAT, which has a wild ending! This podcast is international now, baby. Rebecca reads a letter she wrote to Mat, Kevin explains how Kiki made him a cuck, and it’s a grand old time. PLUS: Damien Rice is on the Shrek 3 soundtrack, was God trying to guide Kevin’s crushes??, making montages, flaming hot poetry, reconnecting with old crushes (!!) and so much more. Rebecca is happy she went to LA to record her podcast. Please forgive her raspy voice and exhausted brain.

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Rebecca Bulnes