Can't Quit Cray with Ben Hosley (season 2 premiere!!)

Wow. Can you believe that Classroom Crush is back for a “second season”? Last you heard her, Rebecca was moving away from Chicago and saying bye to a boy she kissed. Now, Rebecca lives in New York...but will she have sex in the city?? Looks bad so far tbh. For this loopy season premiere, Rebecca is on no sleep and is joined by everyone’s favorite dirty boy Ben Hosley!! You know him from Blank Check and comedy, duh. On this ep: Ben smokes weed and is on Raya now, Rebecca is dating the city and the show is still problematic. Ben is telling the story of LANA, a 20 YEAR crush figure!!! He recalls tuba body shaming, lab partner romance, a golf course parking lot scene, virginities, bad flirts, PLUS the most earnest minute in the history of podcasting! Why does Ben love wild girls? Is Rebecca “okay”? Find out! The boys are truly back in town!!!

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