YOU Don’t KNOW What LOVE Is with Dan Sheehan

Happy post-Valentine’s Day!! Are you ready for some heartbreak?? This week Rebecca is joined by Dan Sheehan (We Still Like You, NOT A WOLF) to talk about some juicy high school rejections. Dan’s telling Rebecca about MAGGIE, his friend and then girlfriend and then ex. Rebecca is talking about JACOB, a pure hippie boy she loved with all her heart. Hormonal basement wrestling, when Lizzie McGuire fell asleep on Gordo’s shoulder, can you respect someone who blindly throws validation??, RELIENT K, when your heart has a crush instead of your body, relating to people with similar levels of trauma, and SO MUCH GOOD MUSIC. If you spent Valentine's Day alone, this is the ep for you. If you spent it with your significant other (congrats), it's still the ep for you! Laugh about how you're better than us! 

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Rebecca Bulnes