Have You Heard of Ennui?? with Grace Thomas

AH!! This week Rebecca has fallen in love with another boy who has a girlfriend but MORE IMPORTANTLY, she is truly honored to have Grace Thomas (Clickhole, The Onion, good comedy you should see) on the show!! She’s telling Rebecca about a few integral high school crushes, including MAGGIE, the love letter writer, and GUS, the debate camp dream boy! Rebecca is talking about CAMILO, and she’s embarrassed by literally every word she ever sent to him. There’s a lot to get to: Peter Pan’s Jeremy Sumpter, realizing your queerness, NUDES, relationship fears, backing away from a good thing, Watchmen, NOT talking about P*R BT*M, using alcohol as a sexual crutch, hot improv boys, literally so much we love it.

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Rebecca Bulnes