JUST Like Breaking Dawn with Richie Owens

This week Rebecca is joined by the most prepared guest thus far, the hilarious Richie Owens (Please Make This)!! No shade to the other guests, we love you all and you're perfect. But like, Richie brought an outline and time stamps. He’s telling Rebecca all about his sophomore crush CARLY, and holy shit the stories!! There’s like, multiple scenes that could be the sole focus of an entire episode of this podcast, so we are very grateful and proud of this stuffed piece of content we are giving you. Rebecca is talking about ERIK, a middle school crush that was one of the first to force her to become the best friend instead of potential romantic figure. There’s so much to unpack and it’s ALL good. We got the whole rebranding your crush as a “sibling” when you feel rejected thing, playful ribbing as a form of immature sexual tension, bad movie watching body language, getting made fun of, a straight up RUMBLE for love, a beautiful slow dance, a preteen existential crisis, monumental moments at The Fair (be there, the fair!), why we’re so insecure, and so much more! This ep is the bomb shizzayy!!*

*we don’t actually talk like this anymore just listen to the episode

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Rebecca Bulnes