...And There’s A Twist with Emily Clouse

Oh my GAWD there’s a lot of “oh my gawd”s in this ep. This week Rebecca is joined by the lovely Emily Clouse (Reductress, The Onion) to talk about her crush on class clown BEN, who lingered from 8th grade through high school. Rebecca is talking about AJ, a dream boy straight out of the Z Boys, okay?? VERY hot, off the charts, rock and roll. They also talk early celeb crushes, including Justin Berfield aka Reese from Malcolm in the Middle and Nat Wolff from…The Naked Brothers Band. There’s a homecoming dance, a moment of true cowardice, first makeouts, Rebecca is doing Fine and definitely not Self Sabotaging, high school musical theater drama, not being worthy of a Hot, and, oh, ya'll wanted a twist?? Then listen!!

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Rebecca Bulnes