50 Shades of Shame with Noah Prestwich

Clearly we’re obsessed with Clickhole because this week we have another amazing writer, Noah Prestwich on the show! We (me, Rebecca, writing this) love this episode for so many reasons so you just need to listen to it to find out WHY. Noah is telling Rebecca about a fifth grade crush experience that was integral in forming guilt-based anxiety, while Rebecca is talking about “HUNTER”, a guy in high school she thought was really hot and (spoiler alert) had sex with. Did Noah murder his fifth grade crush? Why did Rebecca make sexual moves instead of emotional connections? PLUS: shared checking impulses, Rebecca and Noah need to go to therapy, feeling deserving of a relationship, not knowing what is “normal” behavior, adolescent fashion, Rebecca feeling like Oprah, and all of the good things you’d ever want in a podcast and we feel confident in saying that.

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Rebecca Bulnes