What's Her Deal? with Fran Hoepfner

Could it be? Fran Hoepfner is BACK on this SHOW?? Yeah nerds, we’ve got our first returning guest and we couldn’t have asked for a better one!! No offense other past guests. This time, Fran is telling Rebecca about her first female crush, “SARAH” from college (still a classroom, bitch!) Rebecca is talking “JOEY”, an older crush that she actually went on dates with, very rare. This episode’s got it all: feeling required to prove your bisexuality, smoking weed and watching The Hobbit in 3D, college improv viral videos, coming out, Rebecca’s childhood revealed, LMFAO is an uncle and a nephew, boys vs WOMen, labels, feeling guilty, Garrett Hedlund, and so so much more.

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Rebecca Bulnes