I MUST Be Lonely!! with Emily Walters

This week Rebecca is so grateful to have friend/improv queen/totally hilarious wonderful person Emily Walters on the show! She truly couldn’t ask for a better person to share her sad childhood story with!! Emily tells the tale of “TOMMY”, a crush that spanned 10 Years (like the movie!!) and maybe more? Rebecca describes all the life changes that made SAM, her 2nd grade crush, so devastating!! We’re (finally) talking about when Rebecca had two moms, PLUS: throwing obvious crush hints, JUNIOR PROM, the origin of abandonment issues, mean preteens, when Rebecca became Edgy, graduation party disappointments, weird rich kid couple photoshoots, Snow Patrol is very good, Logan Echolls is very hot, is the lead singer of Goo Goo Dolls hot? and some VITAL post-high school crush revelations.

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Rebecca Bulnes