Three Blind Mice (It’s A Love Triangle) with Brian Bennett

Holy hell this is a hot one!! Not like sexy but just a very good episode of the podcast. This week Rebecca is joined by the seriously funny Brian Bennett to discuss the dreaded high school love triangle! Brian’s involves his First Love "ANNIE” (smart, churchgoing girl) and best friend “HUNTER” (who is also sorta First Love). Rebecca must once again confront her life’s obvious patterns as she discusses ANNA and her boyfriend DANNY (very hot and nice). Rebecca and Brian get very real as they talk: being a side dish when you should be an entree, is self love just having a crush on someone who is like you?, “The Gentleman’s Spot” (The G Spot), all boys catholic school, TWO crush sleepovers, can you ever ask a friend not to date your crush? Aaron Carter, when everything changed, and more !Sounds dramatic because it is ya dweeb! But in a good way.

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Rebecca Bulnes