Have Love, WILL Travel with Jaclyn Barker

This week Rebecca is joined by her very dear friend, hilarious comedy gal Jaclyn Barker! They’re talking about some DRAMATIC, tbh narratively THRILLING long distance high school crushes. Rebecca is telling Jaclyn about the incredible story of NIC, the stranger on the bus. Very Hitchcock, right?? Jaclyn is talking about her IRISH BOY crush, who floated in and out of her life for approx 13 years. This ep has got it all: a Jess Mariano type, bonkers next level internet stalking, a first kiss by a waterfall, (Jaclyn still has the underwear she wore that day), the lawless days of early Facebook, when you feel it’s VITAL to know someone, Post-Potter Depression, thinking you’re Lady Gaga, hilarious time capsule messages, an unforgivable betrayal, a reunion on the other side of the world, and what the hell does JFK being allergic to horses have to do with any of this?? Find out!!

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Rebecca Bulnes