This week Rebecca has the best guest of them all. Yes, it's her hilarious and perfect creator, mother Carmen. It is a very special and fun piece of podcasting for Rebecca!! Carmen(weird to not just say “mom”) is telling her daughter about 6th grade crush FRANK and a bit about meeting Rebecca’s DAD in HIGH SCHOOL. Insane. There’s a lot of great shit, including: running through the streets like stray dogs, makeout parties, when Carmen was lowkey disgusting, an evil Yvette, a Sharks vs Jets (or “the Wakandan crew” vs “...the other crew or whatever”) style RUMBLE, holding boys accountable, a moment of empowerment, when mom and dad were MISFITS, begging Griffin Newman to introduce Rebecca to Ezra Miller, Carmen calling her daughter a moron, a shocking revelation, PLUS, a rare appearance by incredible 10 year old brother Noah?? If you don’t respect Rebecca’s family you’re banned from the pod. 

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Rebecca Bulnes