The Great Wall of Mike with Mike Jest

Wow!! This week Rebecca attempts to self sabotage but actually does a really good episode of her podcast instead? She’s joined by funny and tall improviser/former crush, Mike Jest, who is telling her about his first crush, JULIE. Rebecca reads some clueless facebook interactions from her high school crush JULIAN! They’re getting extremely real and open about the nightmare of a pool party, body shame, catholic guilt, when they’d smooch, when Rebecca peacocked by making a facebook page for a band, Mike’s best case scenario fantasies, the concept of being lovable, Rebecca confronts Mike about how he’s impossible to read, why we build walls and what they look like to other people, hypothetical declarations of love, subconscious power plays, being SEEN and a hell of a lot more!! Rebecca would apologize for working out her personal issues here if it didn’t actually make for a good podcast bye bitch!

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Rebecca Bulnes