Nerds For School & Boys In Bands with Ian Ornstein

What a beautiful day for a podcast! This week Rebecca is joined by delightful/hilarious/ improviser/friend, Ian Ornstein!! Ian is telling the story of LINDSAY, a high school crush and fellow glasses wearer who, despite being very smart (see: glasses) made some moves that Rebecca thinks make no sense after going on the perfect date. Rebecca is, naturally, telling a horny story about a Boy In A Band who boosted her self esteem once. This episode, amongst other things, includes the reading of an old blog post about unrequited love that is centered around the metaphor of a cake and not liking coconut (it’ll makes sense), knowing you shouldn’t put your worth in the way other people see you but doing it anyways, a trip the UCB THEATER, being blind to the signs, does a crush ever stop being a crush?, Ian always falls for girls who love Amanda Palmer, when Rebecca would get glimpses of the other side of high school, and isn’t it wild that statistically someone has definitely been obsessed with you at some point?? WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?! SHOW YOURSELVES

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Rebecca Bulnes