“The Way You Move” with Elsie How

Alt title of ep: “He Didn’t Express Himself and Wasn’t Creative” which makes us laugh a lot (you’ll hear why) but unfortunately is too long. This week Rebecca is feeling bonded for life with hilarious comedian and new friend Elsie How!! Elsie is telling the tangled high school tales of NIKKO, THOMAS, and COLLIN and boy oh boy did she come with the materials to back it all up. We’re talkin journal entries and impressively rhymed poems, baby!! Rebecca is talking about the questionable decisions that led her to a one night Boston Noise Boy crush named ESTEBAN. Yes it is horny and concerning but also brave. This ep’s got small town dynamics, feeling like you peaked in high school, jocks that are actually ummm artsy?, an update from the one and only Carlos, Short Privilege, not being able to date casually, Rebecca gets emotional about how hot guys can be, “You played me like the strings of your guitar”, when a facebook relationship status can change it all, The Last Prom, singing to your crush but this time it’s GOOD?! and so much more!!

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