Proud Pee Bitch with Rima Parikh

This week, Rebecca is joined by lovely comedian and title of ep icon Rima Parikh! She’s telling Rebecca about a high school crush that has, IN MANY WAYS, followed her to this day. She doesn’t still have a crush on him (unfortch) but boy oh boy is it juicy. Rebecca is talking about the archetypal crush TYLER, who is perhaps her first notable one from like, second grade?? IN MANY WAYS he is perhaps the blueprint to her romantic soul!! In this ep R & R (Rima & Rebecca omg we love) are talkin high school Michael Cera fantasies, making your life an indie movie, unlearning internalized racism, was everyone horny for Jesse Eisenberg??, a TALENT show, Rebecca has always been extra, Rima was scared, literally making yourself white, infuriating missed opportunities, teachers at concerts, Rebecca’s self sabotaging origin story, and so much more!!

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