You Hate Me I Love You!! with Dan White

Could it possibly be? The first ENGAGED guest, like, marriage-wise?? This week Rebecca is honored to have the hilarious Dan White on the podcast!! Did he end up with the confident cool girl he knew in high school?? Uhhhhh spoiler alert, but yeah!! Incredible, the dream. Dan is telling Rebecca all about his first brushes with romance, his total obliviousness (backed up by some staggeringly formal facebook messages) and how he eventually ended up engaged to Rebecca’s newfound personal hero, KELLY. Rebecca is telling the story of SPENCER, a music boy she met at 18 when she first moved to Chicago who swept her off her feet by his unwavering disinterest. She was so obsessed she wrote a poem the night she met him and yes she DOES read it on this episode, along with some other pieces she wrote about him that year she went to college. It’s sad! This ep has truly got it all: parent stuff, negging, projecting, subtle name flirts, wanting to be special enough for the mean boy, running dates, being yourself, Kelly’s childhood “bodyguard” game, misplaced feelings still being valid, Rebecca feels weirdly optimistic? PLUS A CALL FROM KELLY HERSELF!!

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