Funny and Cute with Chef Kevin Bartelt

Damn. We really hit the jackpot on this one!! This week Rebecca is joined by your favorite Earwolf producer, “Chef” Kevin Bartelt!! Kevin is a TRUE sweetie and perfect Classroom Crush guest as he tells Rebecca about his first crush, KAITLYN, and the drama of his middle school/high school relationships! Dude was Never Not Dating and that’s honestly so impressive. Rebecca is telling the high school story of another fucking MATTHEW who of course was in a band, and the last insecurity ridden love triangle between her and best friend MICA. They’re talking being labeled “funny” but not smart, craving high intensity relationships, Kevin’s more recent crush situations (see: Tinder ep of Hollywood Handbook Pro Version), when Rebecca probably ignored Mica’s feelings, pushing a friend towards your crush to hide your feelings, and so much more! Plus, Rebecca’s story is told in a three part table read of messages pulled directly from Facebook, so there’s really nowhere for her to hide. Plus: screaming a love song at your crush, Rebecca watched a girl give Kevin her number, and do normal people make out to podcasts? Sound off in the....uh.....itunes reviews??

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