A Teen With No Skills with Lukey Walden

Wow, did you miss us? One full week without a new episode was probably really hard for you. We’re sorry. We missed you too. To regain your love and trust, we’ve got a gift in the form of this week’s guest, Lukey Walden!! Lukey is a gift because they are good and funny and sweet and we love. They’re telling Rebecca about “CHLOE” and a high school girlfriend setup formed out of pure loneliness and matchmaking friends!! It all becomes tragic because teens lack skills and are also very dramatic and way too trusting. Rebecca is basically out of crush stories so she shares some very bad 8th grade Formspring (sarahah before sarahah) discoveries and a fourth grade email chain letter survey that really encapsulates who she was and who she still is. PLUS: Remember that show Chuck and did you know the guy is Bad now?, anonymous bullying, Rebecca’s teen fan, bisexuality, Grease is actually woke, teens should treat each other like they might come out or transition in the next 10 years, feeling close to danger and NOT being able to handle it and more!!

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