Love & Basketball Moment with Shantira Jackson

This week Rebecca is fangirling because it’s Shantira Jackson (Comedy Central, BET, 3Peat) on the show!! She’s telling Rebecca all about one of her few middle school crushes, AARON, who was hot and athletic and possibly held back a grade and yeah, she wrote him a letter.  Rebecca is talking one of her first celeb crushes and of COURSE it’s none other than the titular Little Vampire. His name was actually Rudolph or something? Either way he was a vampire and British which was vital. She’s also reading some lowkey heartbreaking journal entries from third grade. They’re talkin being ashamed of your feelings, Shantira’s secret marriage plan, the green Power Ranger, when you’re young and emotionally uncensored, being “pretty for a dark skinned girl”, and of course, the entire plot of Love & Basketball and why it's IMPORTANT!!

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