Put Those Feelings Back In Your Pocket with Brian Bennett

This week it’s returning guest and general fave Brian Bennett on the show!! With such a rich life he is back to tell a pretty wild story set in Vietnam that, once again, finds him in a love triangle of sorts. He’s telling Rebecca the college story of ALEX, ALEX, and NI. If you don’t think he’s bringing the drama we’ll just let you know there’s potential fatherhood involved. Rebecca is telling Brian about her very formative and NOT basic crush on Ron Weasley/Rupert Grint. There’s a fifth grade journal entry, an apocalypse fantasy and honestly way more to get into than there should be. This ep covers: an airport breakup, cultural miscommunication, touching on suicide, perfect british accents, using people as emotional placeholders, la petit mort, physical weakness as a shortcut to being taken care of, could a child start a war?, feeling the need to be chosen, Brian loves taking his shirt off, Rebecca fantasizes about people being stuck with her, and SO MUCH MORE!! Also, next week is the season finale!!

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