Rebecca has been kissing ALEX (Collyard, cute funny nice) but now Rebecca is moving to New York which is sad because it’s been fun and she has famously had a HARD TIME. In this Classroom Crush season finale, Rebecca is closing out her time in Chicago and talking to Alex about closing out their time as Chicago’s preeminent comedy power couple. Just kidding they’re not an actual COUPLE couple like it’s casual relax it’s fun we’re hanging out. Damn. Alex (Just Kitten Around, Arts & Culture Club, The Dungeon Rats, so much) is telling Rebecca about some formative early crush experiences before they delve into how this whole thing began and all of their feelings about it. Rebecca leaves in exactly one week so it’s finally time to explore: Is Alex good or bad, Alex has a thing for dancers? wow, initiating moves, would this relationship work if Rebecca wasn’t moving, wanting to fix problems, polyamory, Rebecca makes bold claims about Alex’s future, Rebecca kinda cries and hates it, Alex is sad for her but very nice, deep insecurities, bye bye Chicago, some final (for now) thoughts on love and being defined by it and more!! This does not pass the Bechdel Test and you should listen to it. Classroom Crush is far from over and please stay tuned because we’ll probably be back sooner than you even want tbh. Love u xoxoxo

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