This Is The 80s with Larry Rogowsky

Happy new year crushers!! Can you believe it’s 2019 now and Rebecca still doesn’t have a boyfriend? Shocking. But what’s even crazier is that this week she’s joined by hilarious and lovely Broadway producer, Larry Rogowsky (The Other Josh Cohen, Moulin Rouge, Angels in America) !! Larry is telling her all about growing up in the 80s as a metal head, early boy crushes, lost virginity, coming out, rocker chicks (like Angelique), high school locker rooms, repression, grand gestures, and meeting his husband in a story that literally makes Rebecca tear up!! Spoiler alert: imagine watching someone perform in a Broadway show and then years later you end up with them…..(hey Lucas Hedges how’s it going). PLUS: Was the 80s metal scene innately homoerotic? Why do we hate people that remind us of ourselves? Could aloe stocks be the new roses? Find out!!

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