An Episode That Is Honest & Brave with Blythe Roberson

Yep folks you read it here first this podcast episode is very honest and brave and so is this week’s insanely talented and hilarious guest and we’re obsessed it’s Blythe Roberson!! She wrote the book How To Date Men When You Hate Men so obviously we are blessed to have her on the show. She’s telling Rebecca about ALEX, a literal jock she was in love with for the entirety of high school and who she was “close friends” with because that’s fine and healthy! PLUS they’re talkin: sleeping with guitar players, Gary Cole’s dick, when friends ask you to do things they never would, disruptive across the room flirts, “conventionally attractive” guys, Blythe rediscovers old and problematic emails LIVE AND ON THE AIR, Rebecca updates you on kissing in India, and SO MUCH MORE!!

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