Razz Me I'm Shy!! with Colin Burgess

This week it’s the very very funny and good Colin Burgess on the show! Colin is taking us on a journey through crush times involving a particular pattern with a particular holiday and, much like last week’s guest, a lifelong affinity for the cinematic romantic gesture. From second grade’s LIZ all the way to high school’s SAM, can you believe it?? This ep has got it ALL: aspirational crushes, the politics of initiating, the podcast is pro incel again :/ , Wegmans vs Publix, secret note exchanges, Charlie's Angels, Rebecca names the hottest Chicago improv teams and explains her incredible tinder flirt, Colin is a memory hoarder and has learned to be careful with flirting while being a funny guy, singing is vulnerable, why do we like people who are mean to us, and simply so many more questions and answers!!!

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