You Should Kiss My Boyfriend! with Megan Stalter

Not to be controversial but this may be the best podcast episode of all time in which two women with Mother’s Hearts are actively and outwardly horny for Vince Vaughn?? Yeah babe! This week the absolutely legendary comedian/nanny Megan Stalter joins Rebecca to talk about her first high school love and yeah, it was her gay best friend okay!! What is this, the 1998 film The Object of My Affection?? They’re talking: an absolutely insane first kiss story and yes there are cousins involved, codependence, bisexuality (aka “girl crush” isn’t a thing shut up), three tiny Drama Boys committing crimes, being in love in a friend way, newsflash you can love god AND getting head, ANTM dates, a Panera based sexual fantasy, and literally so much more god Megan is good.

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