Rude Boy Boy with Hunter Harris

This week we cannot be calm because Rebecca is joined by film twitter crush royalty, staff writer/menace of Vulture, famous Jackson Maine stan and general icon of the internet and beyond, the one and only Hunter Harris! Hunter is telling Rebecca all about her crush on rude bois SKYLER and yes of course pre-cancelled Johnny Depp because we all have a past okay and Pirates was hOt!! But first Rebecca has to talk about her date with a literal racist sexist stupid ass true bigot because that is a thing that happened to her!!! Lol!!! PLUS: the power of public horniness, Hunter’s Deppathon, ring guy energy, favoring the fantasy, a Conor Oberst vision, the fun childhood sexual harassment game “scoop”, having a crush on pop culture, ASIB based dm slides, boys who aren’t online and so much more!

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Take Care - Drake

Ottoman - Vampire Weekend

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