“U up? It’s 9/11” with Matt Lubchansky

This week Rebecca is getting cancelled but at LEAST she’s not alone because she is joined by the lovely and hilarious Matt Lubchansky!! They are telling Rebecca the story of their high school art camp crush who…after many twists and turns,  also currently happens to be their……..wait for it……..literal wife. Yes we are all obsessed. And yes 9/11 is involved in this story and that is JUST the truth. PLUS: sexy Oklahoma! talk, fear/craving of physical intimacy, high stakes AIMing, long distance crushing, confronting your body, Blink 182, the time Matt was an asshole and also the time Matt was chased by turkeys, awkward proms and poison ivy, identity shit, the pressure of dating, and yeah, it’s Jared Harris season babyyyy!! Bet you didn’t see THAT one coming!

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Dammit - Blink 182

Souvenirs - Architecture in Helsinki

Across the Sea - Weezer

Pyramid Song - Radiohead

Little Person - Jon Brion

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