My High School Crush with My High School Crush!! (Part 1)

This week it’s part one of a SPECIAL EPISODE in which Rebecca is talking to her very own high school crush!! Dubbed “Aaron” and discussed at length in season one, specifically in “Should We Talk About This??” with Sam Fragoso, Aaron is one of Rebecca’s most formative and lasting teen crushes. In this first part, we’re learning about who Aaron is and actually all of the questions they have about who they are. Aaron is telling Rebecca about an integral early crush, and we’re getting a lot of context here babyy!! PLUS: being a crier, fear of confrontation, how we see people vs how they see themselves, Vanilla Sky trauma, and the all important question: am I Ash or am I Gary?? Stay tuned next week for part two where Rebecca and Aaron unpack their mixed up high school crushes on each other and perhaps answer the question of why they never dated?? Find out!

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