A Girl Cop with Phil Matarese

This week Classroom Crush has finally been sabotaged ...by none other than co creator of HBO’s Animals and podcast bad boy Phil Matarese! In this episode Rebecca tries to trick Phil into talking about his high school crush “C.C” (an elusive older soccer babe) but mostly they’re talkin: Keepin it Keeb, “crazy” boners, when you want to marry a cop, Phil is not comfortable being vulnerable because him and his Boys are emotionally stunted, Rebecca got Mad On Twitter (Justice For Luke Taylor), a SCANDALOUS HIGH SCHOOL SKI TRIP FLASHBACK, when you’re just a small boy, getting cancelled, getting murdered??, Jacob Tremblay, and a RISKY facebook friend request LIVE ON AIR. Phil is unfortunately too funny to actually ruin Rebecca’s podcast. But if there’s no new episode next week...you know what happened. 

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