Easy Breezy Beautiful Patrick with Patrick Cotnoir 

This week Rebecca has gone off the rails but thankfully she is joined by the hilarious and good Patrick Cotnoir who handles her chaos with grace!! Patrick “doesn’t really talk about this stuff normally” but this time he IS and he’s telling Rebecca all about his first crushes from elementary school to his first relationships in high school! THE FULL CRUSH TIMELINE BABYYY. They’re talkin: a dad sleepover, an 8 minute 8th grade slow dance, Rebecca wants to be a mom sooooo bad is that fine, a failed “considerate” breakup plan, a life threatening ultimate frisbee encounter, the dangers of passivity, John Mayer girls and is Rebecca one of them, Patrick should let himself feel more, they’re both crying actually, an unnamed LA crush, the top 10 reasons Patrick hates himself according to Rebecca, being an old soul kid and so much more!

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