The Greatest Showman with Tim Platt

This week we are honored and humbled to welcome you all back to Jeremy Strong season but we are even MORE honored and humbled to welcome Tim Platt to the show!! Tim is telling Rebecca about THE GIRL he pined for throughout middle school and crossed over into some transformative high school years and also other formative crushes after her!! There’s really a lot to get to SO let’s just say this ep we’re talkin: tfw there’s a shy girl and you’re a loud boy, when the music identity HITS, performing your sadness, the podcast is incel again, a very dramatic dance rejection moment, when eeeverryybody knows your crush sitch, body image shit, fake boyfriend shit, late blooming, CONOR OBERST, getting caught up in attention, repression, lacrosse boys, when you quit pining, Tim is being very earnest, Rebecca finally lets someone ELSE sing Bright Eyes ( it’s Tim), being nice to younger you and so much more!!! Please tweet Jeremy Strong things to @ClassroomCrush.

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