Crying at the Cast Party with Natalie Walker

This week Rebecca is actually freaking the freak out because she is joined by the absolutely legendary Natalie Walker!! Natalie is taking us on a true journey through her days as a crush chameleon- from her earliest romantic memories as a lonely weirdo child to her high school musical theater star who DOES make out. There’s simply too much CHAOTIC crush territory to cover so PLEASE buckle in. We’re talkin: tfw your 3 week bf goes to military school and then literally stalks you, a 6th grade bullying conspiracy (that involves a PETITION), feeling tingly in a closet with your best friend, boy drama at the Footloose cast party followed by boy drama at the Guys and Dolls cast party, being called preppy in 2002, please leave Chris Carrabba alone, trampolines=inherently horny, when DAD catches you being BAD, having status in a crush, Camp Romance/Not Chill age differences haha we’re laughing!, if you’re a girl and your legs aren’t smooth you should basically die, watching yourself cry, and PLEASE never doubt…..Natalie Walker is a true Girl’s Girl.  

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