We GOTTA Do Distance! with Harris Mayersohn

CRANK UP THAT AC BABY because it’s SUMMER and this week we got DOUBLE the South Florida heat because Rebecca is joined by writer/comedian/FL boy and new friend Harris Mayersohn!! He’s telling her about the twists and turns of his first high school relationship with DANIELLA, and boy oh boy is this one an instant classic tale with the iconic angry facebook messages to back it. PLUS: Rebecca’s date, natural banter, kissing in a car so much the car breaks, sex shame, boys look good in T shirts is that crazy to say, status dating, body image in South Florida, a PROM BETRAYAL, paranoia, blowjobs, crying at the party, no kissing sex, petty Harris does not mess around, grinding (dong on butt), feeling undeserving of love, and so much more!!

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