Lovesick with Joe Kwaczala

And we mean literally folks! This week Rebecca (who may or may not have been friendzoned?? We’re figuring it out) is joined by hilarious comedian/writer/podcaster/nice person/superstar Joe Kwaczala!! And this is one for the HISTORY BOOKS BABY like the ones you get in school. Haha. Anyways, Joe is telling Rebecca about his big highschool crush ANGELA (2.0) and things are liable to get a little disgusting (Succession ref) but NOT in a sexy way. We’re talkin: emotionally and physically debilitating OBSESSION, monogamous crushing, do we actually STAN being a child of divorce?, a sadie hawkins dance in my khaki pants, a puke journal, fear of intimacy, senior prom drama, if you make someone laugh really hard they’ll eventually fall in love with you right?, when feelings have nowhere to go, getting nasty in the yearbook, and SO MUCH MORE.

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